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The Debs Caucus: A Party Within the Party (Dec. 1970)


"The Debs Caucus: A Party Within the Party"

by Rob Tucker

Brief participant's history of the "Debs Caucus" faction of the Socialist Party of America, a grouping based in Wisconsin which emerged in 1973 as the Socialist Party, USA.
Rob Tucker was born on May 7, 1931, in Selingsgrove, PA, and died on February 26, 2009. In 1961 he wrote the integral work "The Case for Socialized Medicine". He was the editor of the 1960 Socialist Party platform. In 1991 he wrote "Rise and Decline Among the Reds", which was Vol. 2 of his "memoirs." In 2001 he wrote "A Short History of the Socialist Party USA," which was published in the 2001 Centenary Convention Journal of the Socialist Party.

Originally published as a 7 page duplex document, printed by means of photocopy and stapled.
Scan of an original from the collection of David McReynolds by Tim Davenport. Biographical detail by Steve Rossignol.
Published in the USA between 1923 and 1978 with no notice of copyright in original publication, public domain.
Uploaded to on February 11, 2012 by Tim Davenport, file released to the public domain without restriction.

Collection folkscanomy_politics; folkscanomy; additional_collections


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